Our Second Hand Service

Our clothes are designed and made to last.

However, we understand that children grow quickly and therefore we offer the Second Hand Service on all of our products.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 - When your child sadly outgrows your Eleanor Charles product you may send it back to us to be graded (see further details of our grading system below). Your item needs to be an Eleanor Charles product, however you do not need to have purchased your item directly from Eleanor Charles.

Step 2 - We will grade the item of clothing based on its condition. Each grade carries a set value for that item of clothing (please see The Grades below). 

Step 3 - We will contact you to advise of the grade we have allocated to the clothing and to offer that value as a credit note towards your next purchase at Eleanor Charles.

Step 4 - If you accept, we will email you details of a voucher which can be used at the checkout on our online store. If you choose not to accept, we will return the clothing to you.

The Grades

Grade A - Great condition, like new.  30% of full price*

Grade B - Item has minor signs of being worn but is still in good condition. 20% of full price*

​Grade C - Item is visibly well worn or may have slight damage but item is still in a wearable condition and capable of advertising for sale. 15% of full price*

​Grade D - Item is significantly damaged and not capable of resale, we will happily ensure it is recycled for you. 5% of full price* As we are unable to sell personalised products second hand, all personalised products will be Grade D.

* Full price is the price for that product as shown on the Eleanor Charles website on the date of grading. If it is a product which has been discontinued since the purchase date, it will be the price of the product at date of purchase.

The Details

Step 1 - Please send your item to:”

Eleanor Charles Limited

Green Meadows

Copgrove Road

Burton Leonard


Please enclose your contact details (email, telephone number) and return address.

Please ensure items are clean and packaged well to prevent damage when returning to Eleanor Charles. Items will remain your property and Eleanor Charles cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage which occurs whilst posting.

Please note that we are unable to accept personalised items in the Second Hand Service,

Step 2 – Once received, we will grade the garment using the guidelines stated above.

Step 3 - We will then email you to advise of our grading and therefore the value of credit note we will offer for the garment. The garment remains your property until the offer is accepted.

Step 4 – You confirm whether you would like to accept the offer or not.

If you do not wish to accept the offer, please advise us of this and we will return your garment to the return address provided. 

If you choose to accept the offer, you will receive details of the credit note voucher which can be redeemed at the checkout on our website. There will be no minimum spend for the voucher, however you will only be able to use the voucher once and we will not be able to offer change for the voucher.