Our Story & Values

Jump into the world of Eleanor Charles, where we believe in the importance of fresh air, love and play for children to have happy, fulfilled and magical childhoods.

Eleanor Charles was founded by mum of two, Katie Heptonstall, in 2022, shortly after the Covid pandemic when the importance of family time and sharing happy moments together had never been more valuable. 

Being from a rural background, Katie believes in getting children outside and involved in the countryside as much as possible. Eleanor Charles provides practical pieces to support your children with their adventures in life, whilst also offering great style. 

Eleanor Charles recognises the importance of capturing as many moments of your child's development as possible and the pleasure in looking back on these photos as they grow, realising how much and how quickly they change. Our high-quality products will bring a little countryside glamour and style to these photos and memories.

Our styles are timeless and our products are high in quality; designed and made to last.  

We hope your children will have as much pleasure enjoying our products as we have had producing them. We love to see photos of our products in action, so please share your photos on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @eleanorcharlesengland.

Eleanor Charles is not just a clothing brand but also a lifestyle brand which loves to give something back to our customers and followers. Please take a look at our EC Blogs page where we try to deliver interesting and informative blogs which we hope are of interest. Our blogs include advice and tips from experts on a broad range of relevant issues to parenting and children, fun activities or gift ideas and discount codes and offers from Eleanor Charles and other brands or companies who we support. 

Sustainability is a core value at Eleanor Charles. Please read about our approach to sustainability and the steps which we take on our Store Policies page and on the EC Blogs page. At Eleanor Charles we believe that sustainability is not just a box that can be ticked, but an issue which must be kept under constant review and improvement. We offer the Eleanor Charles Second Hand Service on all of our tweed wear, please read more about this and how you can use the service on the 'Our Second Hand Service' page.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our store. Let's all live happily ever after with Eleanor Charles.